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JSR Lachkari Kolam Rice

JSR Lachkari Kolam Rice

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Afreen JSR Lachkari Kolam rice is a fine and delicate variety that is perfect for traditional or home-style biryani, pulao and jeera rice. Our paddy is processed using a steam-based technique, which improves the ease of cooking while imparting a rich taste to your meals.
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Frequently asked questions

What's the shelf life?

Rice is suitable for consumption up to a period of 2 years from packaging. Preferably, once opened, use it within a period of 3 months. If stored over a long period of time, Rice Weevil insects may appear. Soak the rice for 10 minutes in such cases and drain the water along with the insects, before cooking.

How much is shipping?

The costs are inclusive of shipping costs anywhere in India.

Where does this rice come from?

This rice variety is grown and processed in the state of Telangana.